• 8- storey residental complex
  • In the central district of Tbilisi – Isakadze #31
  • Special,distinetive and exclusive project
  • European standard construection
  • Construction of high quality materials
  • Beautiful views
  • Commercial area
  • Underground parking
  • Comfortable yeard

About us

the GBG+ operation starts from 2016. The team is staffed with qualified and experienced professionals. The goal of the company is establish a name as a safe and high-quality product in Georgia.

Our buildings are known as seismically resistant buildings,the construction will be built by 400 marks B-30 concrete, which enables the corpus to sustain. Along with quality our priorities include best location,excellent views and ecologically clean place.

Each square meter is efficiently distributed and optimized for the user’s needs and desires.

One of our most important value is responsibility.

We always pay customers their property in the timeframe and always fulfill the promeses. We have implemented many projects on the Georgian market, these projects are exclusively and fully comply with European standards.

The quality is higher than the price.

We offer our custumers a high quality real estate at an affordable and reasonable price.

“ The quality is higher then the price ”

GBG+ laid the foundation for one of the best places in the city which is located in dadiani st. #156, in the productive zone near kikvidze park.

As it is known our company high quality construction with 400 marks B-30 concrete, which ensures seismic stability of the building. Also our advantages include one of the most beautiful views of the city, the four- way natural lighting corps, as well as the ecologically clean environment.

The project is maximally adjusted to meet customer requirements and is fully satisfying with European standards.

It also includes underground parking and commercial area.

The building consists of 13-storey residential apartments.

Passing date December 2018.

GBG+ for your compact.

Apartments for whom the quality is important.


  • The quality is higher than the price”
  • 9 storey residental complex
  • The location of the best corner
  • Premium class apartments